King quail

The smallest quail egg

There is a reason why King Quail eggs are thick.

The volume is only about 40% of the quail egg .

customer's voice

​King quail eggs that are delicious no matter how you eat them

The yolk that seems to stand up

Have it raw and take a bite.


I want to raise it as a pet.

King quail is a very cute quail. We also sell fertilized eggs for those who want to grow from eggs as pets.


It is not necessary to submit a breeding status report for breeding king quail.

King quail eggshell

A small hole was made in the eggshell of King Quail, the contents were taken out, and then washed and dried.

Egg art, handmade accessories, Easter egg materials, etc.

Please use it to create works using natural materials.


Bobwhite quail

It is an American quail.


Bobwhite quail eggs are special.

It's not just white.


We also sell fertilized bobwhite quail eggs.

It is not necessary to submit a breeding status report for breeding bobwhite quail.

​Bobwhite quail eggshell

Precautions regarding the purchase of eggs

After confirming your order, we will send you a confirmation email. Please make payment within one week after ordering. After confirming payment, we will prepare the product. If payment cannot be confirmed within one week, it will be canceled.

For those who are hatching eggs for the first time or who are thinking of trying to hatch

Incubation of King Quail and Bobwhite quail eggs requires the preparation of an incubator. We have prepared a simple manual on what you need to hatch and how to hatch. Please read this manual before purchasing eggs for hatching.

You can download it from here.

We are receiving reports of hatching from our customers one after another.

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